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Nothing says southern like a welcoming sense of home. A glass of sweet tea on a front porch. South and Pine is our way of welcoming you into our home. Sit with us for awhile and have a glass. 

For us, when we came up with the name South and Pine Home it meant a couple of things. First, it was the endless rows of pine trees you often come across when you've grown up or traveled through our great state. The way the trees smell on a scorching summer day, and the way they keep their poise through our grey winters. Secondly, Pine as in "to miss". Something about leaving the South always makes you miss it whether you grew up here or were just passing through. The last part of our name "Home" is because we want to share our home and those things that make it a home with everyone we come across.

It all started with marrying my college sweetheart...
over the last 8 years we have built a custom home, started a small booth selling re-purposed furniture and hand painted signs, had our first baby, sold our first home, bought an old home with lots of "charm", had another baby, renovated that home, sold that house, bought a new house, had another baby, started working as an interior decorator, started another booth selling home decor, modified our new house "because no one likes cookie cutter", had another baby, and started a small business. 

So to sum that all up, we have 4 boys who are all of the good parts of each of us, ages 8, 6, 4, and 2 years old, who motivate us and inspire us everyday. We live and work in the community where we were both raised and now where we proudly raise a family of our own. And we have opened South and Pine Home in that same community because we want to share our curated style and products with you so that you can bring home the same sense of home that is so dear to us. 




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